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An Open Letter to This Year’s Graduating Seniors

It’s that time of year again. College and high school graduates across the country celebrate and look to the future. When I reflect back on my life to this very moment, I know I would not have accomplished half as much without my degree from Oklahoma State University.

Now, some might believe that the country has changed since I set out on my own. The truth is, there’s more opportunity for success in America today than ever. I’d trade a whole lot to be in that position today.

So, here’s some free advice on how to make the most of it.


Inside the Pickens Plan Campaign with Tammy Haddad and Heather Lauer

Tammy Haddad and Heather Lauer have helped get out the word about the Pickens Plan since I was drawing it up on whiteboards and restaurant napkins. Now, they’ve moved out from behind the scenes to tell stories from nine years of the plan and to discuss the success we’ve had since my idea in the summer of 2008.

We recall meetings with Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. George Pataki and Mike Bloomberg in New York. We discuss how the plan has grown and become a success, thanks to support from all ages and both sides of the aisle.