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General James Conway and T. Boone Pickens on Energy and National Security

Retired four-star General James Conway tells T. Boone Pickens that if we want to get rid of ISIS, we need to arm and train the Sunni Tribes and the Kurds, but the Iraqi government won’t let us. On energy, Conway says that the U.S. has become a puppet being manipulated by the Saudis. He believes that an energy plan is really a national security plan. Listen to this episode of the Pickens Podcast to hear what one of America’s smartest Generals has to say.


General David Petraeus on the Middle East Today

General David Petraeus tells T. Boone Pickens during this episode of the Pickens Podcast: “We have a vital national interest in maintaining our relationships with the Middle East countries and to ensure the free flow of energy to nations around the world.” Listen to this riveting conversation for more of General Petraeus’ insights on the Middle East today.